5 indications a Virgo guy is Jealous (+ 5 How to Make Him Jealous)

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  • Indication: Virgo
  • Dates: August 23 – September 22
  • Expression: The Virgin
  • Ruling planets: Mercury & Chiron
  • Tarot Card: The Hermit
  • Element: Planet
  • Duality: Receptive
  • Mode: Mutable
  • Characteristics: Feminine, negative
  • Program: How To Get a Virgo Guy

You’re going to discover the signs that are subtle a Virgo guy is jealous. You’ll additionally learn some clever how to get him jealous ( if that’s what you would like).

I’ll assume you’re here for starters of three reasons:

  1. You would imagine a Virgo man is jealous as a result of you or somebody else, but you’re perhaps maybe maybe not yes.
  2. You would like a Virgo man to be much more drawn to you, and tend to be considering making him jealous to complete that.
  3. You’re currently with a Virgo man and are also concerned that he’s become jealous and you also like to avoid it from sabotaging your relationship

In the event that you fall under any of those categories, I’ve got you covered in this article.

Jealousy is just a subject that is tricky but because of the finish with this post, you’ll feel confident in your capability to soothe (or inflame) the jealous desires of a Virgo guy.

First, here are seven clear signs that he’s jealous:

1. He obviously doesn’t you talk to other guys like it when

The Virgo guy is quite relationship-focused. When he’s by having a partner (or perhaps is attempting to produce a relationship) he can frequently work like they’re already a married few.

Their want to connect, establish a relationship that is close and their tendency to anxiously overthink can make him possessive and vulnerable to envy.

Note exactly exactly just how he responds whenever you speak to another male friend around him or discuss good interactions with a co-worker that is male. If his body gestures shifts up to a closed or uncomfortable position, or their tonality changes to critical or snarky, that’s a definite sign that he’s feeling jealous and threatened.

2. He plays things (too) cool

Virgo guys are careful and don’t choose to expose their feelings, specially poor people. He’s reserved and won’t show envy such as for instance a hot-headed Fire sign or Water that is emotionally reactive sign.

So if he’s instantly started initially to get yourself a bit cool around you and has now retreated a little, overthinking around envy may be the culprit.

He is able to retreat for any other reasons, too. I explain more about this in my own course on attracting him.

3. He begins speaking great deal about commitment and trust

Virgo guys are far more possessive than jealous. He’s incredibly dedicated and then he expects their significant other to respect that and start to become loyal also.

By discussing the notions around loyalty and trust in relationships if he’s starting to feel tinges of jealousy, he might indirectly try to address it. He might speak about it abstractly concerning other people’s relationships, or, if he’s bold, concerning the both of you.

4. He’s began sulking around your

Virgo’s usually have a difficult time with their inherent nature. They’re perfectionists and highly-critical of by themselves. It could feel just like the global world is against him often.

He copes with this particular by becoming a little mopey and can sulk around whenever one thing seems unjust. If he’s sulking near you and generally being broody, jealous emotions will be the culprit.

5. Their side that is controlling takes

Virgo guys love control. Quite often they direct it at on their own, in just just a little bit directed at their partner’s life and practices.

However a jealous Virgo might respond by attempting to get a grip on their partner in an on the way that is top attempting to make their choices for them.

He might be attempting to plan your routine by selecting in which you get and that which you do. He may possibly also make an effort to take control of your moods and thoughts by criticizing you along with his rational brain. He may also attempt to take control of your buddy access or group your passwords.

Steps to make a Virgo Guy Jealous

This wouldn’t be too much of a job, assuming that he’s currently into you. Virgo guys obviously tend towards possessiveness and clinginess in a relationship.

If he’s not yet that drawn to you, these strategies could spark his desire up for you by producing a little bit of chance of their competitive part to turn out.

But look out. Attempting to make this person jealous isn’t constantly the most readily useful concept should you want to raise their attraction degree. Virgo males want a critical, modest partner, who he’d wish to buy to mom. Your jealousy-inducing behavior could find yourself simply making him see you as flippant and low value.

Listed here are five for the (less dangerous) approaches to make him jealous over you:

1. Have actually an enjoyable, busy, and appealing social life

This can be positively the greatest, healthiest way to help make him jealous. He wants to compare, and in case he sees that you’re high-value (busy, attractive life style) and tend to be around lots of other males (social), he’ll obviously would you like to place himself into the life to compete for the attention.

This creates a discreet kind of envy. He views that which you have to give you and it is inspired to achieve you before other males do.

2. Create romantic triangles

Men (and females) are inspired by intimate competition. We would like what’s sought after before somebody stakes that are else claim.

Stoke their competitive and possessive nature by spending some time with a couple of other potentially interested https://datingreviewer.net/hinge-vs-bumble/ dudes.

Be cautious though! The Virgo man can be very timid and he hates the sting of rejection. So he may cool off if he senses that the desire for him may possibly not be quite strong.

Therefore makes sure to help keep him clued into the interest for him. Don’t be too cold or too flirtatious along with other dudes. You need to light a small fire under him to stoke the attraction between you, absolutely nothing more.

3. Don’t continually be available

Virgo guys want to talk and talk to their partners and love passions. He’ll call, text, and movie talk regularly if he’s into you.

To create him only a little jealous, don’t provide him your entire time and don’t react back straight away to their texts and inquiries regarding the routine. Fundamentally, be too busy for him.

Have a social life outside of him, and adhere to it. He’ll get jealous regarding the attention you’re getting from (and offering to) other folks. He’ll utilize their mind that is active to away getting a lot more of your own time and attention.

4. Allow another man (or individual) assist you

A bit is had by the Virgo guy of a savior complex. He really wants to assist their partner in most methods. He desires to fix their home up, to plan away their out life, also to enhance their wellness health.

A powerful method to get him jealous, then, is always to accept help from other people. He can want into your life that he was the one who was giving you assistance, knowing how well being of help could ingratiate him.

5. Dress attractively in social settings

Fundamentally, look good whenever out and about, at your game evening, or any.

He’ll want to see you looking great, in which he knows you’ll be attracting the interest of other people.

Just be sure that your particular outfit conveys course. You won’t attract him with skintight clothes or a lot of cleavage. He’s perhaps perhaps perhaps not into that types of flashiness. Tasteful modesty victories with a Virgo man. Your challenge would be to be noticeable and appear distinctive while also adhering to a modest rule of wardrobe. Can help you it!


There you choose to go, plenty to consume in regards to the envy while the Virgo man. I’ve more details about their side that is jealous well as a lot more details about attracting him in my own Virgo guy attraction program.