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Here’s a summary of our favourite improv exercises for people who are performing a beginners improv course with Hoopla Improv.

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Establishing the environmental surroundings

We now have an environment of security, support and trust. You’re not all on your own, we’re playing together as being group and supporting one another. You may be permitted to make mistakes, they frequently resulted in bit that is best in improv. It is possible to state the thing that is first comes for you, you don’t need certainly to modify your self, if you are arriving from a spot of enjoyable, love and respect for the fellow improviser. You don’t have actually become or make-up jokes, the humour comes obviously through the situation. Listen. Yes Plus. Commit.

Warm Ups

1 Minute Life Tales

In pairs. One individual states their life tale in one single moment. Each other listens and does interupt n’t. The listener repeats back as much as they remember at the end of the minute. Utilized to get acquainted with one another as well as show active listening.


Everybody else operates all over available space, they operate as much as each other and leap up in the atmosphere simultaneously and shout “YIPEE!”. Next thing, they either both jump, or both maybe maybe not jump. Next move, when they both jump they stick together and form a device until finally many people are within one big group yelling YIPEE and bouncing in the atmosphere simultaneously. Learnt from Kevin Tomlinson. Utilized to get everybody else going and fun that is having.

Crazy Western

Everyone else endured in a group. In the beginning they pass around “YE-HAH” by yelling YE-HAH in a Western Accent and swining their supply to your individual close to them. Then if some one sets by themselves into a form of the barn and shouts “HIGH-BARN” the ye-hahs bounce right straight right back into the other direction. Yelling “BANDITS” means everyone runs and swaps places when you look at the group while being bandits. You will find plenty of other guidelines but preferably the teacher makes them up, together with students compensate rules that are new the program. Familiar with get everyone else playing, breaking the ice, and also to get every person being attentive to the moment that is present.


Much like Wild West above, but with Eastenders themed shout outs. With this particular kind of games i believe it’s best if the teacher and group make sure they are up, as it will take ages there are so many so I won’t write out all the rules here. When you do wish our rules be sure to purchase me personally a pint during the Miller and I’ll inform you!


Everyone else perambulating the area. The director shouts out one thing and counts to 5 and everybody else has got to actually form that thing with one another prior to the director extends to 5. For instance “Volcano, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5! Microwave over, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!”. Used to get every person getting around and having a good time and also accepting and building for each other’s tips. Learnt from Marc Rowland at Montreal Improv.

Meet & Greet Walkabout

Everyone walks around greeting and meeting one another in various means. By way of example close friends, super heroes, dubious neighbors, old college buddies, ex boyfriends, moms and dads. Breaks the ice and gets individuals familiar with checking out various figures without considering it in extra.

Danish Clapping

Fun clapping game we learnt from Chris Mead. It can’t be explained by me with terms so stop me personally if you see me and I’ll show you it. We may make a video clip from it too if I have around to it.

Animals associated with the Deep

We created that one! It’s my proudest success. Everybody else stood within the group. An impression is done by the director of the creature associated with deep into the individual close to him. They copy whatever they see to your individual close to them. Everybody else copies exactly exactly what they simply saw, maybe not the initial, so that they gradually alter like chinese whispers. The director delivers away plenty of animals (squid, octopus, shark, celebrity seafood and much more) in to the group and so they keep working around until they change and merge and fun that is underwater had.

Grandmother’s Footsteps

A classic children’s game we used to get individuals playing together. Anyone is Grandmother or Grandfather, endured using their back again to the course. Everybody else needs to sneak up and try to touch them regarding the shoulder. The Grandparent are able to turn around whenever they need if they catch anyone moving see your face dates back to your start and begins sneaking up once more. The first individual to touch Grandmother may be the champion. We repeat with variants in which the individuals sneaking up are pirates, zombies or 1950s that are cheeky, to encourage more enjoyable in a game title.

1,2,3: Surpisingly enjoyable game for one thing therefore easy. Two different people face one another. They count to 3, changing whom begins the count each and every time. As an example:

Brian – 1 Sarah – 2 Brian – 3 Sarah – 1 Brian – 2 Sarah – 3

We then repeat where as opposed to saying 2 they clap their arms, after which additionally incorporating in as opposed to saying 3 they jump floating around:

Brian – 1 Sarah – Clap Brian – Jumps Sarah – 1 Brian – Clap Sarah – Jumps